Nimbus is a non-telco, telco company.

We’re a next generation service provider working with emerging technologies and approaches to support what, how and why you need digital services. Nimbus focuses on cloud and connectivity, combining networks, cloud, voice and IT so that you can select, deploy and manage the ICT services you need much faster, cheaper and more flexibly than before.


Nimbus Digital is here to connect you and your business with the ICT tools and services you need to operate at the next level.

SD-WAN & Managed Networks

Get the most out of the explosion of fibre and wireless broadband access services and providers through SD-WAN and orchestration tools.


A full suite of cloud-managed wireless and wired LAN services brings the power of the cloud to users, wherever they are.

Cloud Services & Applications

Society is increasingly used to technology that is instantly available, flexible and consumable in infinitesimal chunks. Why not business services?


We offer enterprise-grade voice services that actually work for you.

Accelerated Application Development

We help you build enterprise-grade applications, for anyone in the organisation, fast.

The Nimbus Way

We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors who help our clients navigate the transition of their business networks every step of the way.

We believe you should have connectivity how and when you want it, with services everywhere you need them, whilst maintaining security, certainty and control.

Why are we different?

  • We have insight and clarity about technology, we build and create platforms and services ourselves and understand fundamentally how they might help you.
  • We combine telco-grade operating practice with new ways of working
  • We understand what, why and how you buy is changing, and explicitly support that.
  • We actually like our customers 😉


Connect with Us

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you and your business.