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We're a non-telco, telco company - Nimbus Digital

We’re a next generation service provider working with emerging technologies and approaches to support what, how and why you need digital services. Nimbus focuses on cloud and connectivity, combining networks, cloud, voice and IT so that you can select, deploy and manage the ICT services you need much faster, cheaper and more flexibly than before.

What’s a non-telco telco?

Traditional service providers have operating modes and approaches to sales and service that is often not the best for you:

  • Access services come from a single service provider, which might not be available or with the right speed or cost
  • Networking services like MPLS VPNs are expensive. The traditional telco operating models reflect old technologies and practices.
  • Piecemeal contracting for services from different providers means you have to figure out integration, the impact of changes, and implement those.
  • The way you buy services is dated – why can’t you do more directly, as and when you need it, online?

The way it currently works, most companies contract for networks, IT services and cloud services. And despite best-of-breed and optimizing buying, the stack is somehow not fast or flexible enough to support change or growth, and isn’t actually cost effective in the end. It doesn’t allow you to add or change very well and doesn’t respond to emerging needs.The potential and impact of software and systems to seamlessly orchestrate access, networking, cloud and applications together is enormous.

What does the next generation of telco look like?

  • We abstract complexity through software. Provision and deploy services quickly, with an OSS that reaches into and through underlying infrastructure providers.
  • We focus on operating flexibility and speed to provide connectivity how and when you need it, leveraging all the market options for price
  • Strong management philosophy of end points for control, access, service quality. Quality and service management is architected to each solution from the beginning.
  • Asset management and spend control are baked into our service management.
  • Enabling how you want to buy: easy, online, seamless, fast.

We'll connect you with the ICT tools and services you need to operate at the next level.