Cloud Services & Applications - Nimbus Digital

We help to broker, provision and manage cloud services like AWS, Google and Azure, as well as manage the deployment and performance of key applications like Office 365, Google Apps, etc. Our focus is to help you focus on your business and your requirements, and make the infrastructure enabling it invisible.

We also go far beyond the commercial brokerage of services to actually enable facets of the BSS (adding new users, requesting service credits, consolidating reporting) and OSS (service performance and uptime across the network), making for a cloud deployment that is much more meaningful in the end user’s experience.

Service Elements

SD Cloud

Hyper-converged infrastructure to deliver a software-defined enterprise cloud. Run any application at any scale.

Cloud computing

Reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services.

Storage and backup

Durable and scalable solutions to keep your data safe and secure, both for applications and backup data storage.

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