LAN - Nimbus Digital

With zero-touch cloud based provisioning, all the access points, firewalls and switches in your various sites can be entirely configured and managed remotely, making for a faster deployment and better experience.

Deep analytics and visibility enable us re-configure your network before there are problems and to predict new changes. We manage this in the background, engaging only where and when you need it. Deploying new policies, such as security patches or user profiles, happens almost immediately.

Service Elements


Seamless cloud connectivity: high capacity, high performance and control for every user at every site.


We manage security from the cloud, with remotely deployed provisioning, automatic synchronisation of security policies and BYOD that actually works.


Through deep location analytics we provide unmatched levels of insight into physical patterns: traffic, users and behaviour. We also provide the ability at each site to manage guest access, manage omni-channel advertising or deeper client engagement.


Managed security cameras that offer reliable security at any scale with an approach to architecture that protects your bandwidth, never stops recording and is cloud managed. More than video feeds, we use intelligence – like retroactively selecting an area of interest and have a list of motion events that can help lead to more information – to actually help solve problems.

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